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malloc works - new doesn't

Mar 22, 2011 at 10:00 PM


Years ago I used an older version of VLD with much success.  We have gone to VS2010 recently and I was tasked with investigating VLD with the 2010 development environment.  I have 2.0b working with my project but there are problems. I have some intentional leaks for testing purposes.  VLD detects the leaks associated with memory allocated with malloc, but not leaks when I use the new operator to instanciate one of my subclasses of the MFC <<CObject>> class.  I have tried changing the settings in the vld.ini file.  The self test = on in the .ini file prints out in my debug window. I attempted the brute force approach described in the "ForceIncludeModules" section of the documentation, as well as calling VLDReportLeaks().  Ntohing I ahve done causes VLD to output and debug info for my "new"ed memory leak.

Does anyone have any insight into this problem?

Thanks in advance