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No report output , When I direct to run the executable file.

Apr 25, 2013 at 10:19 AM

I have used VLD in my project, but there is a question.

I am sure the vld.ini configration is right. ReportTo = both and ReportFile has a right path.

Now, my team has new demand. They wish our project can auto compile and auto check memory leak, then mail to us the report.

The problem is When I use vs2010 to debug my solution, it run well. but I direct to run /bin/debug/projname.exe, no file(memory_leak_report.txt) output.

I have try to copy vld.dll, dbghelp.dll to my exe file directory, also add vld.lib to my project. But, don't work.

My question is "the VLD design just can use in vs2010 openning and debug ?" or "I have something forget to do? Other configuration? "

Wish your reply, thanks.