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Crash in VisualLeakDetector::reportLeaks

Mar 4, 2016 at 9:16 PM
Hello, I looked forward when I saw new version and integrate it immediately. Unfortunately my application crashes in reportLeaks. I tried to also compile library from sources but without success to solve the crash. I setup exactly the same compiler options to compile VLD as I use for my project. The crash is there only when I link my debug project with release version of VLD. If I link to debug version of VLD, then it seems to work.

My project consist from several DLLs and single EXE - the EXE and some of the DLLs use MFC library, some DLLs are just ordinary DLL without MFC.

Environment: Visual Studio 2013 Update 5

The crash callstack:
>   vld_x64.dll!VisualLeakDetector::reportLeaks(heapinfo_t * heapinfo, bool & firstLeak, Set<blockinfo_t *> & aggregatedLeaks, unsigned long threadId) Line 1834    C++
    vld_x64.dll!VisualLeakDetector::ReportLeaks() Line 2393 C++
    vld_x64.dll!VisualLeakDetector::~VisualLeakDetector() Line 626  C++
    [External Code] 
    vld_x64.dll!DllEntryPoint(HINSTANCE__ * hinstDLL, unsigned long fdwReason, void * lpReserved) Line 281  C++
    [External Code] 
Also 32bit version seems to work - I have crashes only when compiled with 64bit and when I close the application.