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VLD does not work when the DLL project is present in the solution

Aug 27 at 6:24 PM
I have a project which uses multiple DLLs.
When I ran it under MSVC it reports memory leaks, So I downloaded latest VLD.

I added the line "#include <vld.h>" to every project (all DLLs and the executable binaries), copy 2 dlls dupplied with VLD and its pdb over to the directory where binary is, added the lib files to the linker folder of MSVC and ran the program.

I'm using MSVC 2010 on Windows 8.1.

The log of the execution I got can be found here:

Turns out that VLD does not work at all when the project is using DLL.

If I run the program and just close it (no DLL will be .loaded) everything works.

I can give the link to the gihub where I have the sources to help investigate why VLD didn't produce anything in that case

Thank you.