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Known Restrictions

Known restrictions/limitations in this version of VLD include:
  • Memory allocations made through calls to functions loaded from a DLL using delayed loading may not be detected.
  • Support for programs that use MFC 7.0 or MFC 7.1 is not complete yet. Some memory leaks from such MFC-based programs may not be detected. A possible workaround for this restriction is to try forcefully including the MFC DLLs in memory leak detection, by setting the ForceIncludeModules configuration option to: "mfc70d.dll mfc71d.dll" and explicitly adding vld.lib as an input file on the linker command line (can be added through project settings by adding it to the list of library modules in the linker options). This restriction does not apply to programs that use MFC 4.2, MFC 8.0, MFC 9.0, or MFC 10.0, which are all fully supported.
  • Visual Leak Detector may report leaks internal to Visual Leak Detector if the main thread of the process terminates while other threads are still running.
  • If more than one copy of the same C Runtime DLL is loaded in the process at the same time, then some leaks may go undetected (note that loading more than one copy of the C Runtime DLL at the same time is probably a bad idea to begin with).

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