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How can i filter static's from VLD memory leak detector?

Jul 28, 2012 at 3:19 PM


My c++ project is using several libraries (such as Ogre3D,DirectX SDK,...) , they have thousands of static variables, for example following function is one of Ogre3D(...\src\OgreZip.cpp) inside functions. Reporting these static variables just make the VLD leak report massively and unreadable.

const String& EmbeddedZipArchiveFactory::getType(void) const
static String name = "EmbeddedZip";
return name;

My project also contain too many static variables that defined in functions. I know that static variable use a part memory and never release it until end of application (same as memory leak) but i don't want they come out in VLD report.

In other word, A option that make optional reporting static variables can be very useful (such as SkipHeapFreeLeaks = yes).

Thank you for your attention.