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Visual Leak Detector not recognising the Qt parent child relationship in detecting memory leaks

Feb 24 at 3:01 PM
Hello All,
I am using link visual leak Detector (VLD)to detect the memory leaks in my C++/Qt code. Once I end the program VLD is showing

Visual Leak Detector detected 7183 memory leaks (519961 bytes).
Largest number used: 837125 bytes.
Total allocations: 5431544 bytes

1) In this context what does Largest number used mean ?

I have used VLD tool in Qt creator and Visual studio 2015. Both tools shows big list of memory leaks but most of them are not leaks due to Qt parent child relationship. It is very difficult to find the leaks in my App(around 10000 lines of code).

Is there some kind of filter tool so that I see only critial or specific errors ? Is there any alternative Memory leak detector that recognises Qt parent child relationship? Thank you.
Feb 26 at 3:12 PM
The same problem with VLD in my Qt application. VLD detects a lot of memory leaks. My application uses Qt 5.7.1 libraries, most of leaks shows with Qt libraries.

The VLD output:
Visual Leak Detector detected 1729 memory leaks (191564 bytes).
Largest number used: 191900 bytes.
Total allocations: 314948 bytes.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.